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In the world of sports and entertainment, cricket stands tall as one of the most cherished and revered games. Its popularity spans across countries, communities, and generations. And now, Tricket has taken the essence of cricket to a whole new level with its innovative and real-time “Analyse, Predict & Win” concept.

The Evolution of Tricket

Tricket is not just another fantasy cricket platform; it’s a brainchild of passion and determination by Helpen.in Enterprises Private Limited Company. Our journey began with the vision to create a unique gaming experience that would actively involve cricket enthusiasts and reward their knowledge and analytical skills. Gone are the days of passive audience engagement; Tricket transforms every fan into a proactive participant.

How Tricket Works

Tricket is all about embracing the thrill of cricket and putting your analytical acumen to the test. When you join Tricket, you enter a realm where your cricket knowledge truly matters. Our platform provides real-time data, including match situations, player statistics, pitch reports, and much more. Armed with this information, users are challenged to make predictions about the match’s progress and outcomes.

The Skill-Centric Gameplay


Unlike traditional fantasy cricket where luck plays a significant role, Tricket’s gameplay revolves around skills and analysis. Here, you’re not just picking players and hoping for the best; you’re actively analysing the game’s dynamics, strategising your predictions, and competing with your cricket knowledge against fellow players.

Win Exciting Cash Prizes

Tricket is not just about the thrill of the game; it’s also about winning real rewards. Your accurate predictions and keen insights can lead you to claim attractive cash prizes. The more you refine your analytical skills and make precise projections, the higher your chances of securing exciting rewards.

Redefining India’s Cricket Passion


Cricket is more than just a sport in India; it’s an emotion that unites the entire nation. Tricket stands as a testament to this enduring passion. By combining live cricket scores with our unique “Analyse, Predict & Win” approach, we’re changing how cricket fans engage with the game. The clarity, innovation, and user-friendliness of Tricket make it a game that truly resonates with the heart of every cricket aficionado.

A Platform by Fans, for Fans


Tricket is more than just an app; it’s a community created by and for true cricket enthusiasts. Our mission is to democratize the cricket viewing experience by empowering fans to have their say and make a difference in the game they adore. We understand cricket’s pulse because we are cricket fans ourselves, and this deep connection drives us to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.


As you embark on this thrilling journey with Tricket, remember that every match is an opportunity to showcase your cricket expertise and win amazing rewards. The game is on, and the stage is set. So, join us now and experience the joy of “Analyse, Predict & Win” like never before. Tricket – where the excitement of cricket meets the brilliance of your predictions!

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