Tricket: India’s First Real Time Fantasy Cricket

Some people want it to happen, Some wish it would happen, Others make it happen- Michael Jordan

Are you also a fantasy sports fan?

Well it may be thanks to you that according to the FICCI-EY report, the Indian Fantasy Sports Industry in India is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 32% between 2022 & 2032.

Fantasy sports has been emerging at a very rapid pace with a bundle of fantasy cricket apps available in the market. And especially amid pandemic owing to digitization, internet penetration by leveraging 5G, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

So much so that it has contributed significantly to the expansion of sports across the country.

The Fantasy Sports Industry is embracing order and structure to ensure that the rapid industry growth is impaired with a mature approach to governance. They have created frameworks through self-regulation to ensure that ethical and transparent practices are upheld across the industry, sustaining its growth.

Since Online Fantasy Sports have experienced a significant boom and have drawn lucrative foreign investment, today we introduce you to the world of Tricket, India’s very first Real Time Fantasy Cricket.

A fast paced skill centric game where users get tested on their cricket knowledge and analytical skills, it is shaped by incorporating the best features of both the existing and the fresh ideas to make it more exciting and super easy for the user.

We all know how the madness of fantasy games has escalated in recent times but what if I tell you that Tricket is going to be the game changer in the fantasy sports industry.

Yes, you heard it right!

Tricket is redefining India’s long-running passion Cricket.

You get to live cricket scores and play fantasy cricket, where you can forecast the score, based on the match situation and other stats including ground stats, recent performance of the team etc, in real-time to win cash prizes.

As the projections are to be made for the spell alone and not for the total of all the spells hence the better you predict in real life with each coming spell,the higher your points.

You project how circumstances would change by forecasting the score (runs and wickets) of a SPELL as well as the overs of an ongoing or live match, using your analytical skills, and competing with real players.

But hey wait, here’s a catch, we don’t go by the traditional method of making a virtual squad with real players, but we hereby present an exclusive pointing system based on score analysis per over and per Spell (A Spell is a set of 4 or 5 overs). A user can change the score of the spell as well as the over before the deadline which will be till the start of the first over and for over it will be before the start of that particular over.

Our pointing system unlike others will be based on comparison

between the projected scores by the users and the actual

scores in the match.

You earn points and win cash prizes based on how close you get to the actual score in live matches.

Exciting know?

Be an active participant with the take on your beloved game and not just a passive audience.

So now, you might have a very pertinent question: How did this come to your mind?

Well, our founder Aditya is a quintessential die hard cricket fan, his love, dedication and analysis for cricket as a sport is so very paramount.

It was his semester break and all his school friends were in town, so he decided to meet all of them over lunch. It was also a T20 series going on and he being he, swooning over cricket, was in no mood to miss one. And to his delight when they reached the cafe the television was already flashing with the match, they were all faffing around and in no time in fun they started guessing and predicting about every single spell(set of 4 or 5 overs) of the match, gradually when the match got intense they decided that whosoever is going to make the maximum number in the end after accounting the spells is going to treat them all. But Aditya’s skill of predicting at every spell gathered the attention of the people in the cafe, and in a flash everyone became a part of it and started enjoying it.

However the next day they happened to meet again in the same cafe to plan an outdoor vacation for two days, again the match was and to everyone’s surprise Aditya’s skill was hitting the bulls eye again and again and as luck would have it, for the complete next week they use to gather in the same cafe to enjoy the match pertaining to aditya’s predictions and ofcourse it was Aditya who treating them all.

This idea of his began to grow with time with dollops of research and trivia.

For him, no amount of words can encapsulate the feeling for Tricket coming into being!

Remember each time when your foot used to come to your mouth when your game didn’t go according to the pre-determined predictions you made?

But with Tricket our founder just hit the nail on the head by bringing the most unique way of engaging the users in the game.

The most important skill that is required in a player for this game is analytical skill, it is the most crucial trait a player must possess.

A player must do appropriate analysis to play the suggested game in the given scenario because a lot of facts and information will be presented at various points throughout the game.

In addition to analytical ability, the player needs an active mindset to keep up with the game’s shifting scenarios for the needed amount of time. Hence, it is always necessary to have a solid understanding of the game’s temperament.

The Indian fantasy sports industry can help channel talent and create cutting-edge products and technologies.

And Tricket for sure is going to redefine the Online Fantasy Sports Industry.

So, Get Going!

Download the Tricket App now and join the community.

Be a part of the ultimate excitement and fun!

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